Project: Convert an inexpensive kitchen timer to a camera "intervalometer"


The Radio Shack LCD timer is an inexpensive item that might be suitable for hacking, to convert it into a camera intervalometer.

Taking apart the hardware

Remove the 6 screws from the back plate:

(OPTIONAL) Remove the 4 screws holding the circuit board to the front button assembly.

Connect 2 wire-wrap style wires (solder in place) to the pads shown. These are the pads that connect to the 'start' button on the keypad.

(more images, including full-size high-resolution images, at my flickr page )

Proposed logic state diagram for intervalometer conversion project

Time Diagram

Buzzer_allow   -----|___________|--------------------

Buzzer         __|--|_______________________________

2pulse_wire    _____|---|___|---|____________________

Expose_button  _____|-----------|____________________

labels:          A  B   C   D   E